Jim Hamilton – LB Owens Completes third annual FOD Audit

On behalf of the aviation industry in the Palmetto State, the South Carolina Aviation Safety Council HATES Foreign Object Debris (FOD)!

An effective FOD-management program is simple… Too simple…

See / pick up / dispose / repeat

In fact, it’s so simple, that it routinely falls below everyone’s notice and this basic aspect of effective airport management and aviation safety gets ignored or left for “somebody else” to concern themselves with.

At the Jim Hamilton – LB Owens Airport (CUB) in Columbia, we try to keep this easy task on everybody’s radar by conducting an annual FOD audit at the end of each Fiscal Year (July 1st – June 30th) and then publishing a poster showing FOD collected by the Airport Director during his airfield checks over the past 12-months. It’s not THE answer, but it’s a piece of the puzzle that will help you effectively manage FOD at your airport.

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