Eric Barnhill

Eric runs a maintenance/restoration shop in upstate South Carolina. Tube and fabric aircraft are his passion, but he works on just about anything with wings. He has restored (or helped restore) many aircraft. “Grand Champion” at Lakeland and “Best of Class” at Oshkosh are among a few of the awards he has won. He also Judged Classics at Lakeland for several years. He was selected by the FAA to be Aviation Maintenance Technician of the year for South Carolina in 2007. He lives at a fly-in community in Seneca SC, his shop is in his hanger home (and he couldn’t be happier being immersed in aviation 24-hours a day) .

He started and ran a maintenance/avionics shop at Donaldson Center where he was instrumental in obtaining a Garmin (and other avionics dealerships), as well as a Cessna Service Center. He has maintained several turbine helicopters, as well as everything from Cubs to King Airs. He loves to help people with their aircraft and, to that end, he runs a website, MyAnnual.net, which is designed to help pilots and aircraft owners understand and manage the annual/condition inspection process. He now oversees the Maintenance Workshops and Seminars at the Triple Tree Aerodrome, with help from his Maintenance Partners (Champion Aerospace and Michelin Aircraft Tire, to name a few). He has built a very successful teaching environment to educate aircraft owners and builders at this world-class facility. A 4000+ hour pilot and skydiver / jumpmaster / instructor of 36-years rounds out his aviation experience.

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